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About Street Art Alley

Situated at the heart of Montmartre, the historical artist neighbourhood of Paris, StreetArtAlley is a two minute walk from the famous Bateau-Lavoir which housed Pablo Picasso, Amedeo Modigliani, Max Jacob, Juan Gris, and many many other artists and writers in their early days. Today, StreetArtAlley provides a series of curated legal walls and an enclosed street art gallery space - as well as the Alley Gallery - in an effort to bolster and reinvigorate creativity and to make it accessible to all audiences. 

We strive to exhibit a variety of different street art styles to show the public a wide scope of what street art is and the myriad voices which constitute it. We endeavour to mix emerging and established artists from all nationalities, backgrounds, and street art practices, so that the public can come appreciate their long-time favourites as well as discover new and varied talents each season according to our continued programming.

Our new unique Street Art Program encompasses four elements: a live happening-style “vernissage” during which the public is invited to watch the artist create his/her mural along our dedicated street, which then stays up during three months, our gallery at the front corner of the street simultaneously exhibits the artist’s work in print, canvas, or other portable formats, available for purchase, finally there is the possibility for the artist to “repaint” or “re-scenography” our corner street art gallery. 

Our location means many local Parisians as well as numerous foreign wanderers stroll through our street and past our galleries daily to enjoy and discover artist creations. Our Street also hosts a number of cultural events, which in the past have included a huge cultural partnership with Flandres, la rue de la Flandre, and one with Mexico, la rue du Mexique, as well as ParisArtistes, Paris Photo Off, and the yearly AfricaMontmartre event, which each gather all sorts of creative and diverse crowds. Moreover, our Alley also houses young creatives in domains ranging from fashion design, jewellery, gourmet food, architecture, etc. We endeavour to foster all forms of creativity in whichever shapes they may appear.