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Den End




14 July 2017

15 September 2017

As a boy, Den’s first attempt at street art was essentially through tagging and graffiti which he predominantly enjoyed for the adrenaline rush – he remembers it as a game of “cat and mouse”. In those days he feels tagging stemmed from a desire to defy authority more than a conscious interest in street art. Spending most of his youth hitch-hiking across his native France and other parts of Europe, Den has always considered himself quite the globetrotter, tagging became a means of leaving a trace of his passage behind him.

Den End was living in an CHRS shelter when he started seriously dedicating himself to the development of this art. It was in Montmartre that Den met Eva Léandre, director of Alley.Paris who offered him accommodation in one of her Live-In-Galleries rue Androuet. In the summer of 2017 this arrangement gave him the opportunity to exhibit his work during two months and share it with a wide range of local passers-by and foreign visitors.


Highlighting his propensity for various collaborative endeavours, he creates his unique participatory frescoes. He draws the templates for the frescoes on the walls of the street and invites those willing and inspired to administer colours to his arrangements which he finishes by harmonising the work for the end result. His art is the expression of semi-conscious dream world, an explosion of colour, a puzzle of thoughts, ideas, shapes, and interactions, a therapeutic process.